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V12 Initiate 

Supports and optimizes the initial plant growth phases, germination or bud burst. Specially formulated nutritional support for early growth phases and maintenance of healthy plants.

Why use V12 Initiate? 

Soil applied nutrition supplies the bulk of a crop's nutritional needs. However, soil and root conditions may not always be optimal for uptake or requirements may exceed supply. V12 Initiate Foliar offer an effective means to supply broad spectrum nutrition and ensure against shortfalls. V12 Initiate provide luxury levels of nutrition during critical growth phases. Quickly address a range of deficiencies and reduce and combat plant stress. 

  • Balanced nutrition, ideal for early growth stages
  • Improves rate of seedling emergence and produces a more even crop stand.
  • Nutrient platform with slow release of calcium and silica

General Application Method

  • Row crops (maize, wheat, etc.): 3-5 kg (2.5-4 L)/ha. Apply in-furrow at planting or as a foliar spray after emergence.
  • Vegetables & small fruit: 5 kg (4 L)/ha. Apply immediately after transplant or at beginning of new season (perennials).
  • Orchards & vines: 5-7 kg (4-5.5 L)/ha. Apply just prior to bud-burst or to coincide with seasonal root flush.


Active Ingredient: Silica + Kelp + Nutrients 

Application Method: Drench and/or foliar 

Crops: All crops 

Formulation Type: Liquid 

Standard Dosage: Min 1: 50 

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