Tray Filler Kf 2260

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The Tray Filler KF 2260 is the specialist for filling pots, crates, trays and for growing trays with small cells. It can be easily integrated into filling and sowing lines.

Key Benefits and Features: 

• Chain elevator with bolted shovels, fix speed with forward and reverse drive

• Elevator easy to maintain with detachable front panel

• Suitable for pots (max. height: 400mm, max. width: 600mm | min. height: 40mm, min. width: 150mm)

• Suitable for trays (max. height: 250mm, max. width: 600mm | min. height: 40mm, min. width: 150mm)

• Tray/flat feed conveyor with mechanical speed control

• Naps on surface of conveyor belt for optimum feed of trays

• Electronic control system for constant soil supply

• Adjustable distribution rotor for homogenous filling up tray's brim

• Brush off device with feedback of soil into soil hopper

• Vibrator, frequency controlled, for compacting the soil (optional)

• Electronic control box

• Blow-off devices available separately

Technical Data: 

Brand: Mayer

Machinery model: Tray filler

Series: KF 2260

Length/ Width/ Height (with soil hopper): 3.5m, 2m, 2m

Length/ Width/ Height (without soil hopper): 3.8m, 2m, 2m 

Weight: 1080 kg (with large soil hopper extension)

Power connection: 400V/ 50Hz, 3-phases

Capacity of soil hopper: 600 l

Production speed: up to 1,600 trays / hour

Accessories:- Vibrator for tray conveyor belt

                  - Soil hopper extension 1.5 m³

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