Soil Mixer - Em 6002

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The soil mixer EM 6002 is used for the precise mixing of all kind of substrates. The substrate can be moistened and fertilized during the mixing process. The soil hopper can be loaded from three sides, either manually, by front loader, by means of wheelbarrow or with the Mayer big bale breaker.

Even when left running for a long time, there is no tendency towards separation or the formation of lumps. The mixing time is infinitely variable from 0.5 to 30 minutes. Mixing and emptying can be controlled automatically at 2 speeds via a timer, the soil hopper can be emptied completely.

The soil mixer EM 6002 can also be used as a soil conveyor for the tray filler or as a filler machine. Mobility is guaranteed: The soil mixer EM 6002 is mobile thanks to a special roller drawbar.

Key Benefits and Features: 

• Duration of mixing procedure indefinitely adjustable from 5-30 minutes

• Homogenous mix is guaranteed even in case of an extreme difference between the quantities of the

• mixing components

• Mixing process won‘t change the structure of the substrate

• Mobile soil mixer with optimum handling and maximum working efficiency

• Easy and flexible loading and unloading from three sides

• Special mixing system with swiveling elevator, drive by means of an electric motor

• Can be used as an additional soil hopper or soil conveyor for tray-filler or filling machine.

Technical Data: 

Brand: Mayer

Machinery – model: Soil mixer

Series: 6002

Length, retracted / extended: 2980 / 3450 mm

Width: 1480 mm

Height, retracted / extended: 1950 / 2280 mm

Weight: 850 kg

Power connection 400V/50Hz, 5-polig

Power input: 0,7 kW

Capacity of the soil hopper: 1 m³

Workplace related emission value: 70dB (A)

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