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Germination Trays 

Germination trays are essential tools used in gardening and horticulture to foster the successful germination of seeds and also can provide a place to keep your clones. These trays provide an optimal environment for seedlings to sprout and establish their root systems before transplantation. Designed with specific features to enhance the germination process, these trays offer numerous benefits and are widely used by gardening enthusiasts, commercial growers, and nurseries. 

Key Benefits and Features: 

  • Controlled Environment: Germination trays create a controlled environment for seeds and clones. This controlled environment significantly increases the chances of successful germination and early seedling development. 
  • Enhanced Root Development: Germination trays have cells that allow individual seeds to grow separately. This prevents root entanglement and promotes healthier root development, resulting in stronger and more robust seedlings. 
  • Easy Transplantation: The compact, individual cell design of germination trays facilitates easy transplanting of seedlings once they have developed strong root systems. This minimizes root disturbance and transplant shock, leading to higher survival rates when transferring seedlings to larger containers or garden beds. 
  • Space Efficiency: Germination trays are space-saving solutions, enabling gardeners to efficiently utilize limited gardening areas. They are stackable and can be placed on top of heating mats or in clone domes, making them ideal for small gardens, balconies, or indoor gardening setups. 

What It Can Be Used For:  

Germination trays are versatile and have applications in various gardening and horticulture contexts, including: 

  • Starting vegetable, herb, and flower seeds indoors before the growing season. 
  • Propagating plants from cuttings or seeds in greenhouses and nurseries. 
  • Experimenting with rare or delicate plant varieties that require careful nurturing during the early growth stages. 
  • Providing optimal conditions for sprouting microgreens, which are nutrient-rich and flavourful young greens commonly used in salads and garnishes.


45 CAVITIES: GPB45/1.0

Tray size: 540mm x 275mm.  Cells are 45mm diameter x 50mm deep; 70ml.  1000 microns.  Sold in 10 / 100.


128 CAVITIES: GPB128/1.0

Tray size: 540mm x 275mm.  Cells are 25mm deep; 20ml.  1000 microns.  Sold in 10 / 100.



Tray size: 690mm x 350mm.  Cells are square, 35mm x 35mm x 60mm; 48ml.  1200 microns.  Sold in 10 / 80.


406 CAVITIES: GPB406/1.0

Tray dimensions: 540mm x 275mm.  Cells are 15mm x 15mm x 20mm; 4ml.  1000 microns.  Sold in 10 / 100.

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