Bale Breaker - Bz 6160

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The special ergonomic design of the Mayer big bale breaker BZ 6160 facilitates efficient handling. A simple manual lift can be used for loading with conventional big bales. After removing the protective sheeting from the bale, the hopper can be tilted into the dosing position by means of the integrated hydraulic system. Using a manual lift it is easy to move the machine into the desired position. The chassis is equipped with solid rubber tires. Using a hopper extension, the basic model of the big bale breaker can take even larger bales up to 2.70 M high.

Key Benefits and Features: 

• Gentle processing & loosening of the substrate

• Homogeneous substrate results of almost original structure

• Durable and low-maintenance machine with low maintenance costs

• Perfectly coordinated with the proven big bale system

• Processing of Big-Bales up to a height of 2,70m (with optional accessories)

• Mobile bale breaker with optimum handling and maximum working efficiency

• Easy to integrate in existing machine lines, also in combination with many third-party products

• Simple and fast loading with little handling

• Automatic filling height control via optical level adjustment

• Special scrapers for highly compressed bales

Technical Data: 

Brand: Mayer

Machinery – Model: Bale Breaker

Series: 6160

Length/ Width/ Height: 330/ 169 / 220 cm

Working height: 120 cm

Weight: 1100 Kg

Filling Weight: 1400 Kg

Max. specific gravity: 650Kg/m3

Oil volume, hydraulic system: 4 liter

Size of Big Bale L/B/H: 120/120/225 cm

Power connector: 400V/50Hz. 5-polig

Power consumption: 4.5kW

Capacity of the soil hopper: 4m3

Capacity: 0-750 liter/min

Emission figure relating to the workplace: 70 dB (A)

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