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For the professional preparation of small bales, we supply the Mayer bale breaker BZ 6030: this mobile machine offers optimum working efficiency coupled with excellent, easy handling and maximum operating safety.

Small bales are processed gently into a homogeneous substrate of the almost original structure. This is a pre-condition for uniform cultivation and plant quality, sales price stability, and money savings through maximum substrate utilization. Remain flexible with your supply of pressed soil bales: All commercial bales up to a maximum of 300 liters can be processed.

The BZ 6030 bale breaker can be maneuvered with a standard forklift truck. Hence, no additional purchases are necessary. The use of proven components guarantees high durability and low life cycle costs.

Thanks to its optimum adaptation to other machines (e.g. potting machines, tray fillers, soil mixers, etc.) the BZ 6030 bale breaker offers a wide range of applications in your company. It carries out manual, time-consuming and complex preparation, including irrigation, feeding, and level detection, if required. Feeding the machine is very simple: by using an optional roller conveyor, several bales can be prepared. This facilitates faster and continuous operation.

The high safety standard (including 2 emergency stop switches) guarantees the safety of your employees.

Key Benefits and Features: 

•  Gentle processing & loosening of the substrate

• Homogeneous substrate results of almost original structure

• Durable and low-maintenance machine with low maintenance costs

• Mobile bale breaker with optimum handling and maximum working efficiency

• Mobile bale breaker with optimum handling and maximum working efficiency

• Possibility to automate the substrate supply of bales by optional roller conveyor

• Easy to integrate in existing machine lines, also in combination with many third-party products

Technical Data: 

Brand: Mayer

Machinery – Model: Bale Breaker

Series: 6030

Length/ Width/ Height: 2700/ 1050 / 2100 mm

Working height: 1100 mm

Weight: 370 Kg

Power connector: 400V/50Hz, 5-polig

Power consumption: 1,5 kW

Size of bales: up to 300 Liter

Capacity: 30 bis 35 bales á 300l/h

Emission figure relating to the workplace: 70 dB (A)

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