Product Description

Imported substrate-perlite from Holland. Professionally graded and handled to reduce the percentage of fines, this RHP-certified perlite will provide your substrate mix with the structure and aeration that you need.

Perlite is a white volcanic granule that has an excellent water/air ratio that benefits the root development of plants.


Perlite substrate is suitable for both vegetable and cut flower cultivation and creates a reliable foundation for perfect custom-made cultivation control. Use perlite to add air and structure to a substrate mix.


* inorganic and sterile

* inert

* no fixation of crop protection chemicals

* good water/air ratio

* good capillary properties

* pH neutral – 6.5

* EC <0.2

* Bulk density – 95kg/m3

PP3: Perlite grade 3; 100lt bag

GAPP3/5: 5lt tub of grade 3 perlite

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