DuPont ™ Plantex ®

Product Description

Say goodbye to weeding with DuPont ™ PLANTEX ®, a weed barrier that lets soil and plants breathe while stopping weeds growing up from below.

Plantex® is the original non-woven geotextile  for weed control for landscaping applications.

Endorsed by Kew Gardens, specified by landscape architects and used by many professional landscapers, Plantex® has a unique structure that allows air, water and nutrients through to the soil and plant root zone.

  • Plantex® effectively supresses weeds
  • Reduces the need for herbicide application.
  • Reduces site maintenance costs

Plantex® has a 30 year track record and is

  • 100% recyclable polypropylene, so good for the environment
  • Chemically inert so it does not decompose in acid or alkaline soil
  • Can last for over 20 years if correctly installed and not exposed to UV
  • Please note that Plantex® is not UV stabilized and must be covered with a sufficient layer of mulch or gravel.


Plantex 100m x 4m

Plantex 100m x 1m

Plantex 50m x 1m



DuPont ™PLANTEX® is available in the following sizes:

1 x 100m

4 x 100m

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