Blueberry pots

Product Description

Prices are subject to change at the time of import.

Bato square pot 25lt with legs and net base; 603 pots per pallet

Bato square pot 7lt with legs and net base

BCSX35: round pot 46cm x 32cm; 35lt.


LBCZ10: round pot, 10lt; 1020 per pallet

LBCZ15: round pot, 15lt; 666 per pallet

LBCZ20: round pot 37cm x 24cm; 20lt; 584 per pallet.

LBCZ25: round pot 40cm x 27cm; 25lt; 469 per pallet.


SBX10BL: round pot 10lt; 980 per pallet.


SBX12ZZG: round pot 12lt; 720 per pallet.

SBX15ZZG: round pot 15lt; 600 per pallet.

SBX20ZZG: round pot 20lt; 36cm x 29.5cm; 450 per pallet.

SBX25ZZG: round pot 25lt; 38cm x 31cm; 360 per pallet.