6-Cavity Seedling Tray (Standard)

Product Description


Prices are per unit and exclude VAT.  Minimum quantity is 1 packet (250 trays).

Size of tray: 185mm x 142mm. 

Size of plug: 55mm x 48mm x 50mm deep (100ml).

GPB6: black @R0.80.  Bulk rate for 10 000+ trays @R0.75 excl. VAT.

GPLB: light blue @R0.98

GPP6: purple @R0.99


Prices are per package (5 trays) and exclude VAT.

GAGPB6/5: 5 x black 6 cavity trays @R10.90

GAGP6/5: 5 x blue 6 cavity trays @R11.75



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