Mini Propagator Coco Plug Refills

Product Description

This is an easy and fun way to successfully grow your own seedlings. Ideally used in conjunction with the Mini Propagator for optimized germination of seeds and rooting cuttings. The Mini Propagator can be re-used by simply purchasing the Coco Plug refill.

For more information on how to use the plugs, please refer to the information detailed in Mini Propagator.


Cocoplug Refill 25 – A convenient and handy pack of 25 individual cocoplugs to enable you to refill and reuse your Mini Propagator (12 or 24), to produce your next crop of herbs, vegetables or garden plants!

Cocoplug Refill 50 – Blister pack with 50 Coocpeat plugs. The plugs are made from the best quality buffered cocopeat for improved results.