Mini Propagators

Product Description

Cocoplug Mini Propagators

An easy and fun way of growing plants by creating an excellent climate for the optimum germination of seeds and rooting of cuttings. Ideal for the germination of herb and vegetable seed to start your own kitchen garden. The mini-propagator can be re-used repeatedly, simply by purchasing replacement cocoplugs, which are available separately.

To start cultivation:

  1. Pour 360ml (0r 720ml depending on the size) of water into the propagation tray to expand the cocoplugs (30ml per plug).
  2. Place a seed or cutting into the cavity provided in each cocoplug.
  3. Place the clear plastic lid upside down on the propagation tray and push down one side of the leaf design thereon to open the ventilator.
  4. Place the propagation unit in a sheltered, lightly shaded position (eg. a windowsill).

During cultivation:

  1. Ensure that the plugs remain sufficiently moist.
  2. Keep the water level no higher than 5mm in the propagation tray.
  3. Ensure the ventilator remains open.
  4. When the plants are large enough (usually when the seedlings or cuttings have generated at least four new leaves), the plants can then be planted out into a container or the garden.


Cocoplug Mini Propagator 12

Cocoplug Mini Propagator 24