Jiffy Pots

Product Description

Jiffy peat pots are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pots and are 100% biodegradable, compostable and approved for organic production. During transplanting, the rooted plant and peat pot can be transplanted together, saving time and labour and reducing any stress that may be caused by disturbing the root-zone. Proteaceae and other similar crops with sensitive root systems benefit from propagation in peat pots.


JIFP3″x4.5″: 3″x4.5″ (8cm x 12cm) round pot; 1080 units per carton.

JIFP4.5″x6″: 11cm x 13cm; round pot; 896 units per carton.

JIFP6SL: 6cm x 6cm round pot; 3000 units per carton.

JIFP8SL: 8cm x 8cm round pot; 1680 units per carton.

JIFP8SQ: 8cm x 8cm square pot; 1200 units per carton.


GAJIFP6/15: 15 x 6cm x 6cm round pots

GAJIFP8/10: 10 x 8cm x 8cm round pots


6×6 Jiffy Peat Pot
* Size of pot – 6cm diameter x 6cm high
* Volume of pot – 90ml
* No. of pots per box – 3000
* Pots available with or without slits
* Fits the Groplast 38 Jiffy tray

8×8 Jiffy Peat Pot
* Size of pot – 8cm diameter x 8cm high
* Volume of pot – 160ml
* No. of pots per box – 1680
* Pots available with slits only
* Fits the Groplast 20 Multi-pot tray

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