Product Description

Control invasive root growth with DuPont™ ROOTBARRIER. Coated non-woven separation geo-textile ideal for preventing invasive roots spreading and causing costly root damage.

By controlling the growth of aggressive rooting plants like bamboo etc, DuPont™ ROOTBARRIER protects

* Paved and Tarmac areas

* Damage to foundations and buildings

* Utility channels with plumbing, electrical and communication services

* Lawns and landscaped areas

* Protect paved areas, pipes and services

DuPont™ ROOTBARRIER is a chemically inert, strong, smooth-lined geo-textile, which will contain rampant root growth without damaging the plant.

DuPont™ ROOTBARRIER is 70cm wide so use for deep root protection. It is water proof and must be installed vertically to encourage the roots to grow downwards.

30m x 0.7m

10m x 0.7m

3m x 0.7m


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