Carry Trays

Product Description


Carry trays are sold loose. Pots are sold separately. Prices are subject to change at the time of import. The prices below exclude VAT.

DCT4/9: Carry tray for 4 x 9cm round pots @R2.35.

DCT6/9: Carry tray for 6 x 9cm round pots @R2.50; 5880 trays per pallet.

DCT24/7X7: Carry tray for 24 x 7cm x 7cm square pots @R7.00.


Carry tray plus pots with retail packaging. Barcode stickers are available. Prices exclude VAT.

GADCT4/1: Carry tray with 4 x 9cm round pots @R11.60.

GADCT24/1: Carry tray with 24 x 7cm x 7cm square pots @R34.00.

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