Air Pots and Netpots

Product Description

Consider using these pots for tree production, hydroponics, water features or bulbs. Air pots are sold loose or per pallet. Prices are subject to change at the time of import.

PBNETPOT8CM: round pot 8cm

PBNETPOT10CM: round pot 10cm

PBNETPOT12CM: round pot 12cm

PBNETPOT15CM: round pot 15cm

PBSP14: round pot 14cm x 16cm; 1.3lt.

PBSP19: round pot 19cm x 17cm; 3lt.

PBSP23: round pot 23cm x 20cm; 5lt; 2000 pots per pallet.

PBSPQ23: square pot 23cm x 23cm; 11lt; 1400 pots per pallet.

PBSP28: round pot 28cm x 24cm; 9.5lt; 960 pots per pallet.

PBSP33: round pot 33cm x 29cm; 20lt; 630 pots per pallet.

PBSP50: round pot 50cm x 39cm; 50lt; 220 pots per pallet.

PBSP60: round pot 60cm x 46cm; 90lt.


WPNETPOT 5cm, 2500 per box.

WPNETPOT 7.5cm, 1800 per box.

WPNETPOT 12.5cm, 360 per box.