Coir (Coco Peat)

Product Description

Coir is the fibrous material of the coconut fruit. The short fibres and dust/pith are bi-products of the coconut fibre industry and are suitable for use as a growing media in horticulture, as it has the following benefits:

* completely homogenous material

* texture is consistent and uniform

* retains moisture well, as composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges that absorb and hold up to nine times it’s own weight in water

* it has up to 27% of easily available water

* will hold and release nutrients in solution over an extended period of time without re-watering

* maintains an excellent air filled porosity (18%-23%)

* it has a natural pH of 5.7 to 6.5

* has a naturally high lignin content which encourages favourable micro-organisms around the root zone


Prices are subject to change at the time of import.  The prices below exclude VAT.  Coir is sold in 5kg compressed blocks.  Buffered coir has a 12:1 expansion, while washed coir has a 14:1 expansion.

Washed coir must be soaked in Calcium Nitrate for 8 hours before use as a growing medium.  5kg Calcium Nitrate: 100lt water.  Soak, then rinse with clean water.

SIV6B: 6mm buffered coir, 5kg @R61.15; 220 blocks per pallet.  Wrapped blocks @R66.50 excl. VAT.

SIV6B/650g: 6mm buffered coir, 650g @R7.90; 2000 blocks per pallet.  Wrapped blocks @R8.90 excl. VAT.

SIV6W: 6mm washed coir, 5kg @R46.75; 220 blocks per pallet. Wrapped blocks @R52.00 excl. VAT.

SIV3/4B: 3/4 inch buffered coir, 5kg @R56.50; 220 blocks per pallet.

SIV50B: 50% 6mm: 50% 20mm cut fibre, buffered, 5kg @R58.50; 180 blocks per pallet.

SIV25B: 25mm clear chip, buffered, 5kg @R81.00; 180 blocks per pallet. Wrapped blocks @R86.00 excl. VAT.

SIV25W:  25mm clear chip, washed, 5kg @R77.50; 180 blocks per pallet.


GASIV6B/5: 5lt tub of 6mm buffered coir @R45.00

GASIV25B/5: 5lt tub of 25mm clear chip, buffered @R25.00


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