February 2015

Valentine’s Day – how exciting! We hope you’re making the most of this marketing opportunity, by showing someone special that you care for them! Our GrowKit’s make lovely gifts. We have 7 GrowKits in our range. Heirloom Tomato is featured in picture collage below.

Great news regarding our buffered coco peat (coir)! The next two containers from India are arriving on the 3rd of March! Please place your orders now as stock is in high demand.

Leaving India this week are the first big bales of coir – No more expansion required! This packaging format is only compressed 2:1 in 6m3 big bales of coir (120m3 per 40ft container). This means you can open the pallet and use without any time or labour wasted on expansion! All grades of coir can be packaged on demand including custom blends.

Coir 6000LT Big Bale