January 2015

Can you believe that we’re well into 2015 already? We trust you had a very special festive season and, hopefully, a safe and restful holiday! Here at Grow-Rite, we’re looking forward to a positive, exciting, SUCCESSFUL new year! I, Helen, have joined the Grow-Rite team as “Sales Manager” and I look forward to assisting our customers and stream-lining our systems wherever possible.

The monsoon season in Sri Lanka/India has resulted in a national shortage of coco peat, and our coco peat stock was depleted through December 2014. We’re pleased to report, though, that containers of buffered coco peat are on their way to South Africa and will arrive in early March! Place your orders now!

We position ourselves in the coir market as an importer of quality coco peat, and mostly only offer “buffered” coco peat, but do order “washed” coco peat on request.” By RHP requirement, the EC of the buffered coir must be below 1, however, over the years, we have seen that the stock is always delivered to us between EC 0.4 and 0.6.

We stock 4 categories of buffered coco peat:
6mm (very fine; used for seed germination); ¾ inch or 12mm (more fibre and more aeration; used for seedling trays and small pots); 50:50 (a combination of 6mm and 12mm fibres; used for large pots and bags, for strawberries and tomatoes); 25mm clear chip (very coarse; used for orchids and Gerbera etc.).

We leave you with a word of advice for the year ahead: “Do what you feel in your heart is right – for you’ll be criticized about it anyway,” Eleanor Roosevelt.

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